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  • Laser beams are optimized by beam shaping for in-volume structuring of glass to manufacture 3D parts.
    © Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, Germany / Volker Lannert.

    Separate glass with any desired contour? Without generating dust and reworking the edges? This is possible, even quickly, with specially shaped ultrashort laser pulses. The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT is developing a technology that – with refractive and diffractive optical elements – gives laser beams a form optimally adapted to the respective task. In addition, the applications go far beyond separating glass: In the future, head-up displays for the automotive industry will also be produced.

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  • 5th UKP-Workshop 2019 – Save the Date!

    Press Release / 13.9.2018

    Prof. Thomas Graf, Institute for Beam Tools (IFSW) at the University of Stuttgart (right) and Dr. Arnold Gillner, Fraunhofer ILT: Lively expert discussion at the 4th UKP-Workshop 2017 in Aachen.
    © Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, Germany.

    Specialists from laser development, process engineering and industry will meet in Aachen from April 10 to 11, 2019 for the “5th UKP-Workshop: Ultrafast Laser Technology“, organized by the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT. 20 speakers will inform the approximately 200 expected participants from Germany and abroad about the latest developments in USP laser beam sources and optical systems for USP laser technology.

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