3rd UKP-Workshop

April 22 to 23, 2015

The industrial-scale development of ultrafast lasers with pulse durations in the range from a few hundred femtoseconds down to a few picoseconds and with power outputs up to the kilowatt class has led to an ever increasing variety of new applications. These ultrafast lasers currently stand on the threshold of mass production, with growth rates similar to those of other lasers in the past.

In addition to the basics of ultrafast laser technology, the workshop presents an overview of current beam source developments and new system technologies that make it possible to utilize the available energy. In the area of process engineering, discussions include the latest applications and process methods that are expanding today’s boundaries with respect to material spectrum as well as processing speed and quality.

Laser manufacturers and users from various sectors of industry and science meet to share their experience, find out more about the latest trends in ultrafast laser technology, and get new ideas for future activities.