PT Photonic Tools GmbH

Photonic Tools provides system components and solutions for the rapidly growing industrial ultra fast laser applications, their end users, system integrators and laser manufacturers.

Photonic Tools’ products are beam delivery systems, processing heads and customized solutions dedicated to industrial ultra fast lasers. The modular systems consist of standardized free space beam delivery components and a cutting edge fiber beam delivery system using micro structured hollow core fibers.

The products’ features meet the stringent requirements of the advanced manufacturing industry, combining laser technology and application, applied optics and precise machine tool building.

The experienced Photonic Tools team already has a long standing track record of bringing innovative tools for laser material processing to the industrial high power solid-state laser market.


PT Photonic Tools GmbH

Johann-Hittorf-Straße 8
12489 Berlin | Germany 
Phone +49 30 6392-78000
Fax +49 30 6392-7799