AMPHOS manufactures ultrashort pulse laser systems with extremely high average power (>>100W) for scientific and industrial applications based on longterm experience in development of InnoSlab laser systems, opto-mechanical design and thermo-mechanical mounting technology. AMPHOS laser systems can be characterized by just one number - the average output power.

The InnoSlab amplifier as the heart of the system determines the average output power, the seed-laser sets the puls-shape, pulse-duration and repetition rate. This allows the design of "tailored-systems" with pulse duration from some 100fs up to 10ps and into the ns- or cw- regime.


  • Ouput power: 150 W / 400 W / 1000 W
  • Wavelength: 1030 nm
  • Pulseduration: 500 fs … 10 ps (continuously tunable)
  • Repetitionrate: 1 MHz … 50 MHz



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